Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Goofy Group of AR People

Another goofy group of AR people are making their prescense know throughout the United States. THey are known Farm Animal Rights Movement and want to have a world farm animal day.

I am worried. I know they have backers. I know there is people that believe their mission is true but... They have on their web page to protest when mainstream media is at an outbreak of swine flu. DOH!

I don't want someone who isn't smart enough to differentiate the hazards of swine flu and farm animals to be telling others what to do. I don't think people should listen to them but there has been worse "prophets". Jon Marvel for one.

I don't know how to combat against these people. They are spreading malacious lies about my livelihood. You really can't sue them for slander/libel or maybe you could. Are you better off educating the general public so they don't fall into the trap. Maybe a bunch of Animal Science PhD's could get together and start a group- call themselves Dr.s but not explain that it isn't an M.D. and spread the truth. Hmmm.. Anyone want to chip in for travel expenses? How about some beer money? I am sure after a couple days in the city of educating the general public it will take some medicinal extras to ease the pain. :)

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