Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ruby Pipeline Update

Looks like El Paso Corp is finding out what happens when you make deals with the devil. The spawn come out of the woodwork to get their due also.

Three environmental groups have asked the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to halt construction of a natural gas pipeline that’s being built in Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.

The latest challenge to the 680-mile Ruby Pipeline project comes from three environmental groups: the Defenders of Wildlife, the Sierra Club Toiyabe Chapter and the Great Basin Resource Watch.

The lawsuit, filed late last week, alleges federal agencies conducted incomplete and inadequate environmental reviews during the permitting phase of the project.

David Von Segern is with the Sierra Club Toiyabe Chapter.

David Von Segern: “They’ve chosen a route that should pretty much shoot it though pristine northern Nevada, a high desert steppe that is supporting wildlife especially the sage grouse and we’re very concerned about fragmentation of habitat.”

As spokesman for the El Paso Corporation, the company behind the project defended the permitting process, arguing it adequately protects wildlife along the route.

The 9th Circuit is still reviewing a separate request by the Center For Biological Diversity to halt the project.

The way I understand it the Center for Biological Diversity is being a front man for Western Watersheds Project. Boy I bet El Paso Corp is having a big DOH! moment.


  1. Ruby Pipeline is digging big trenches through the southern part of my county and show no signs of letting up. We are hearing rumors they, Ruby PL, to appeased western watershed, to put aside millions to buy out blm and forest permit holders. Not a bad idea if they find similar if not better private summer range for the permittees to replace then provide four years of operating money......

  2. Oh...this is Lori, aka Mrsjinglebob using her daughter's google account...

  3. Hey Lori~

    Ruby PL put into trust $15 million for WWP. WWP, can buy out permits but can not retire them like they want to. That is the rub. They would need an act of Congress to keep livestock off of the permits for longer than 3 years. So I am sure that $15 mil will be used to fund campaigns and lobby Congress to get it changed. It is tough.