Monday, September 27, 2010

What happened to common sense?

What has happened to common sense in the United States? Something that seems so simple becomes convuluted and complicated. I was reading a news article about Devil's Lake in North Dakota. The lake has grown exponentially over the past couple of decades. It has flooded out a couple of towns, taken in thousands of acres of farmland, and caused many to be concerned about towns further down stream if the overflow should ever become overpowered.

There were comments from people after the end of the article.

One said "Serves the Bush voting __________ right. They deserve to lose their homes for being bigots."

Um... Wow that was pretty ironic and without much backing.

Another " They shouldn't have polluted the earth in the first place. If we didn't have global warming they wouldn't have so much rain."

Ok. I have several issues with this statement. The whole entire state has less people than several cities in the U.S. I am sure they have contributed to global warming way more than New York or even Rhode Island (insert sarcasm). I mean especially if you look at the carbon credits that can be attributed to the northern portion of the Great Plains. My second issue is have you ever been to North Dakota? That is the least likely spot for a global warming issue. They are happy it is coming as rain because if it didn't it would likely come as snow which requires much colder temperatures. Which would still be moisture?! Right?

The list goes on until they start personally attacking one gentlemen who says he lives in the area. He spoke about the possibilities and what the true problem is in his eyes. Canada. Yep, sorry my Canadian friends but Canada has some environmental concerns in the dog fight and is worried about water quality so they cannot retrench the old overflow channel. Even though the border is still several hundred miles away.

Hope No Dak gets some relief, soon.

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