Thursday, September 9, 2010

Public Lands

I was out on BLM ground yesterday looking at a medusahead die off. Yeah... But the medusahead (a invasive grass species that is similar to cheatgrass except it is palatable for only about 6 hours compared to cheatgrass' 8 hours), is being replaced by Russian Thistle. I didn't think it was possible to go from bad to worse but it did.

I suggest a fairly routine procedure for rehabilitating the site that I use on private lands. I have had good luck using this protocol on most sites and soil types and it is simple. Remove noxious weed using herbicide or in this case a natural phenomeona. Plant cereal rye. Harvest rye (mechanical or with cows). Seed perennials into stubble.

The federales took my suggestion and then proceeded to tell why it wouldn't work. They also shrugged their shoulders and gave me this blank stare when I discussed a planting procedure that wasn't in the norm. Then, they wonder why the agency is being attacked. They are scared to stick their necks out, they are scared to do anything different.


  1. Could it be BLM is like many males I have known? The trick is to make them think it's their idea! Puts a whole different light on it.

  2. so does this really work? Then you have to leave the stubble alone?

    where else have you used it?