Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm Back!

Sorry all. I had to take the month of October off. I was swamped and this was the easiest task to give up. Good news is- Cows are off the permit, weaning is almost done, meeting in Davis should slow down and the Greater Sage Grouse hasn't been listed yet. So on with the blogging.

I was at a meeting last week for the Agricultural Sustainability Institute. That is a mouthful. They were doing wonderful things for urban areas- setting up victory gardens, school gardens, and establishing fresh fruits and vegetable programs for welfare recipients. However, the most important aspect in my opinion is missing. Where is the protein? There was nothing mentioned about teaching these people the value of lean, red protein in the diet.

I was asked where they could help beef producers. The director was thinking water quality, waste management, and other environmental issues. I think producers have these aspects covered. Between those of us in the University and the others from the government that are here to help, they have been inundated with information about environmental sustainability. What beef producers need help with is reaching an urban audience about perception!

The perception of turning lands that are not suitable for crop production into a wholesome, nutritious product. Which in turn increases the amount of land we can use for food production. The director started kvetching about the lack of organic vs. traditionally raised food and how he doesn't have the resources about organics' benefits. I candidly asked is there any?

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