Friday, November 5, 2010


There is weeds everywhere. It is especially true if you look from different perspectives. Yesterday I spent time with a USFS botanist who informed me that Orchardgrass is a weed. You know that stuff that sells for $100-$150 a ton when put into bales. A weed? Wow! Once again everything comes down to perspectives. She was one of those native only types who you wouldn't change her mind.

She also blamed cows for all the problems on the forest. An unfortunate opinion but one that has to be dealt with continually. She is one of those that I chalk up to hopeless but still try and mitigate the effects of. She spreads her thoughts readily, and I try to discount what is being said.

There has been a similar situation happen on the South Dakota State University campus. Where a animal rights/vegan activist was spreading propaganda and the students from the college of Agriculture banned together to discredit the sensationalism from his literature and eventually the University police removed the activist. Good for those young adults putting their education to work.

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