Monday, November 29, 2010

Hoping Nebraska Agriculture is Awake

After a slim margin of victory in Missouri, HSUS has decided to take on a large Agriculture State~ Nebraska. Hopefully, Nebraska Agriculutral Organizations are awake and are starting to educate the urban public early in the game. The Cornhusker who have relatively few urban centers may have a chance compared to California.

However, it would be scary is HSUS was able to get a stronghold in Nebraska one of the largest feedlot states and also a state with a large amount of pork production. The State Farm Bureau chairmen pointed out some interesting facts- Removing farrowing crates would actually be less humane and reduce the quality of life for many sows.

Additionally, many veterinary students were irritated with HSUS suggesting practices that were in opposition of what is backed by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Suggesting that HSUS is overlooking the authority and trying to gain credibility through sensationalism.

Time to unite Nebraska or watch another state get your taxes and businesses.

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