Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Torn about what to write.

I am torn about what to write about today. Do I type out my disgust with California politics, Californians in general, or Prop 19 which would have at least given food farmers a break. Or I could go on a more positive note. So, we are stuck with it what do we do know. I think I will combine the whole deal.

Eight percent of Californians are happy with the current government. California is on the verge of bankruptcy and is traveling precariously closer to it every year. So, what do the voters do? Vote back in Barbara Boxer for a fourth term! Vote in Jerry Brown as the governor for a third term. I guess they weren't that anguished over the whole situation.

THEN, to top it all off. The voted down proposition 19 which would legalize marijuana. I know, it is scary that I am for the legalization of pot but... but... why not. They could tax the sales, require the farmers to follow the same Air Pollution Control, EPA, and pesticide standards are food farmers and would help out a whole lot of livestock producers. The same producers who fear for their cattle and sheep out on public lands along with the employees and family members that have to gather them. Nothing is more eerie than following a cow trail and hearing the tinkling of cans. It means you have just crossed somebody's homemade alarm system for a pot field. Not a good feeling.

The same voters, voted no on a proposition that would hold off environmental regulations until the unemployment rate reached 5.5% and stayed there for a year. Those environmental regs that are pushing business out of California into Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and Mexico. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense does it.

Now what do we do? It is time for food producers to unite and get to educating the general public and our lawmakers. This is true anywhere but Cali really needs more educating than some.

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