Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How time flies!

I have been working on my New Year's Resolution for several years now- to be more outspoken about Agriculture. So, this month I am celebrating my one year anniversary as a columnist in the local liberal rag. I write articles about misnomers in Ag. I have written on horse slaughter, feral horses, myths about red meat, "factory farms" and cutting of junipers. It started out very hard. What am I going to write about every month? Do I have enough information and time to keep up a column and a newsletter and now a blog? Seems I do. If you don't mind my erratic blogging, some grammar issues and a few nonsensical sentences.

In my column, I tend to incorporate some of our everyday life into it. For me, I think it helps bring to life the trials and tribulations of trying to raise livestock in an everchanging and increasing more regulated and scrutinzed world. It also reminds me that I didn't always have a job that included a computer. I used to spend hours in the pasture doing what I enjoy most. Now, I enjoy that time even more because I don't get the opportunity day in day out. I mean, I have a confession, I haven't been on a horse in over a month. Something a few years ago would have been a depressing sad day.

Back to the topic. Happy anniversary to the printed Corner Post. May the word continue.

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