Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is corn the root of all evil?

Think about it... Is corn the root of all evil in the modern world? We have obesity that is blamed on high fructose corn syrup, easy access to fast foods which use corn as a filler, and fat beef many of which have been fed diets containing corn. I am not going to even mention- corn whiskey, ethanol, and other uses. Or is it just our consumption and lack of activity?

I am as guilty as the next person about eating foods in excess. This is especially true this time of year. It is cold and I crave chocolate and caramel and well, really anything with a high carbohydrate component. Not exactly what a dietician would reccommend but it is winter and sweaters are a godsend. Most of these foods contain some form of corn in them. If you look at the label of almost all candy- HFCS is in the top 5 ingredients.

So why are people attacking the beef industry about their use of corn? It doesn't take away from other human uses. It adds to the CHEAP food supply. You know the one where we only spend about 10% of disposable income on food.

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