Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why we need to educate the public!

Wow! This article is worth a read. It is titled "Does your fast food hamburger come from steroid-pumped, caged cattle, knee-deep in urine soaked manure?"

The authors go on to expound on the issues of "factory farming". I think the main point is they are mad at Monsanto and GMO corn but they use many lies, mistruths, and unsubstantiated claims to get there.

Things I learned from this article:
1. GMO crops cause BSE. Bet you had no clue.
2. Cattle can pass on cancer to humans like a cold. Just through contact.
3. Cattle in feedlots are force-fed corn. They have to be locked in a small pen with corn only to eat for them to eat it. I could see if it was brussel sprouts but corn?
4. Cattle do not have the genetic ability to digest corn. It is fermented in one of the four stomachs.
5. Micheal Pollan and Paul Schossler (sp) are leading scientists on cattle feeding.

Amazing what you can learn on the internet. :)


  1. I read a post the other day where someone asserted that eating corn causes the cow's stomach to get holes in it so large (how large are they?) that you could reach right into the stomach from the outside of the cow!!! I gently pointed out that a cow like that was a dead cow, and not from eating corn...

  2. Either that or they were checking out research cows with cannulas in them.