Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I just recieved a phone call from a reporter in the local newspaper. They wanted my opinion on the wild horses in the area. I really I hope I got my point acrossed without sticking my foot in my mouth. This women has been know to write stories akin to "Spirit". Except it was about Blade the poor mustang that was disposed of because he had a confirmation problem in his front end that she attributed to gathering as a foal.

I tried to make the point- Horses are good if managed. Horses are bad if left to reproduce willy nilly. They do not belong in long-term holding. Herds need to be sustainable- large enough to be genetically viable but small enough to not trash riparian areas, be a detriment to wildlife, cause havoc on range conditions and animals sorted be adoptable.

I also attempted to explain, herd management area populations are fluid. Horses are able to roam for 200 miles without encountering a fence. Thus, making concrete population estimates difficult to determine. In this area, herds intermingle and may not have the issues of genetic diversity associated with more isolated populations.

I will let you know how the article goes.


  1. As always, sounds like you are a well informed advocate for this type of thing. You really ought to find a way to do it full time! Wonder who we could get to hire you and pay you a decent wage to be able to afford to do so? Paragon Foundation?

  2. Uggg, this is such a tough subject....so many emotional people want to chime in.

    You are far braver than I, to tackle it!