Monday, January 3, 2011


I was sent an article by my sister. The link seems to be taken down now to the article but it was written from the perspective of a "ranch" wife. The grammar was poor, the punctuation was atrocious, and the story line was filled with false information and generally poor practices.

This "ranch" wife was attacked by a 35 lb rooster that had 5 inch spurs!? She discusses overflowing the water tank to the point it flows through the corrals into the creek. A bronc ride where she subdues her horse by whip and spur is included and finally, she ropes a cow and ties it to a tree until they can return with pickup and trailer.

Obviously this person, took all the wild stories she had heard and combined them into her own little fantasy. Not great! But for an industry trade magazine to publish it on the INTERNET. Shame on them.

This was obviously an opinion piece. They could have decided whether or not to publish it. But one look would show you, it was not true and could do harm to the industry. From the tailwater in the creek, to the animal welfare issues- what a mess.
Shame shame.

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  1. Did the lady who wroite it go by "rosin jaw Jane"
    ? ;)