Thursday, March 3, 2011

The article came out.

Awhile back I wrote about talking to a reporter. The article came out~ guess what? She didn't use anything in our interview only a quick question from a meeting I was running. GRRR... She portrayed me as a horse hater. All I asked was if the water was privately owned on the allottments which horses were present is the BLM capable of zeroing out that area and moving the horses. She got the part about zeroing out the herd. That was it. I wish I had some reprecussions but the good news is~ I have been biding my time and the public is speaking out against the reporter and her whimsical articles.

I don't think the editor is going to stop printing her articles because they sell papers. On another note, there has not been one letter to the editor supporting the reporters stories. Guess, it shows what a little emotion and some science can do. Hopefully, we have convinced some people on the fence that horses need to be managed like other livestock.


  1. I won't do an interview now unless I get to see the article before it goes to print. I have been misquoted too many times.

  2. Yaayyyy.

    I was speaking with Sue Wallis's husband the other night and he is writing a story for Range. He mentioned that there were quite a few different Indian Tribes at the Horse Conference in Las Vegas. the Navajo Nation has 60,000 feral horses running on them. Yup, it's not a typo, 60,000. What are they doing to the land and how long will it be before it recovers from their destructive ways? They never talk about that, do they?

  3. Crystal~ That is just it. It was a public meeting I was chairing that she took the soundbite from, not our interview. (Big Thumbs Down).

    JB~ On navajo lands I don't think we will see the recovery in our lifetimes. The overgrazing has probably already started a process of desertification. Unfortunate.

  4. JB~ Also, many of the tribes have been exploring using their sovereign nation status to open up horse slaughter facilities. It could be the "new" casino.