Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As I watched the first day of spring be engulfed by snow "showers" I am amazed at the circle of life. There are daffidols trying to push through the snow and baby calves bucking all over the place. Snow is good this time of year for ranchers, as long as it is not followed by wind. Rain is bad because it equates to mud. Mud doesn't have the insulative properties that snow does.

While I wish for warmer weather, it would be dire for ranchers in this area. The snow would melt, causing issues in the valley along with receding the snow pack which represents next winter forage. That mountain snow pack is the life blood for many ranchers that have to feed stockpiled forage to sustain througout the winter.

I wish we could graze year round but due to weather conditions that is improbable on most years. So, fossil fuels must be used to create winter feedstuffs.

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