Monday, March 28, 2011


The environmental protection agency (EPA) was questioned about lawsuits last week. It seems in the last decade or so more regulations have been made because of mitigation of lawsuits from so called environmental groups than through legislation. It is unfortunate this has been the case without the scientific background and research to back up said regulations. Sen. Cordoza from California questioned the head of EPA~ Suggesting that EPA has been actually soliciting for lawsuits so they may place more restrictions on American farmers and ranchers. The head of EPA stated that would be unprofessional~ not confirming or denying the claim. Senator Cordoza went on to suggest maybe mitigating lawsuits was not the way to go if we were going to continue having a viable farming industry. Maybe the EPA should take the time and resources to look into the actual reasoning behind litigation before giving in. An interesting tactic from a Democratic Senator, suggesting maybe science should lead regulations not emotion?

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