Thursday, March 10, 2011


Dang it! The state of Nevada is in trouble again. Between Harry Reid spouting off about the Cowboy Poetry Gathering and the basic demolish of the extension service, Nevada is on the naughty list this week.

Last year about this time, University of Nevada-Reno gutted their College of Ag. Now, they are gutting the extension service. All the while, they are giving the football coach a raise over the half a million mark. Sad... Athletics above education.

The extension service, whose budget last year was about $7 million from the state, is scheduled to be reduced to $2.2 million. This will effectively cut out most specialist positions, remove travel monies for those left, and complete the disconnect of the rural/urban interface. Most of the Nevada legislature is from Las Vegas and doesn't have the connection. The other 90% of the land mass of the state is left helpless.

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