Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Smith-Lever Funding on the Table

Were you a 4-H member? How about part of the Master Gardener program? Ever called your local extension agent? Or searched the internet on basic animal questions? Well, the federal funding for these programs is on the table. The Smith-Lever funding is the federal match to state and local funding sources for Extension Service.

It is sad that Congress would even consider cutting such a valuable program that helps take research and scientific data back to producers, consumers, and kids alike. This funding has been in effect since, 1914. The original act was to "aid in diffusing among the people practical and useful information on agriculture and home economics alike." This has since been amended to "to enable people to improve their lives and communities alike through learning parternerships and put knowledge to work".

It is a big mission statement but extension educators all across the country to try to improve peoples' lives and communities through their knowledge and disseminating practical research. If you agree that exentsion is a viable part of the community~ send a letter to your Congressmen and women.

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