Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Moisture and I have a love-hate relationship. It is the same relationship I have with my contacts, dog, and tractors. I know rain and snow mean grass but on the flip side, I hate mud, I hate snow drifts, and I really hate being limited in what I can do outside.

I was driving the feed pickup and trailer this weekend. I got stuck~ following my husband's directions of try and stay as close to the fence as possible. He then proceeded to tell me he didn't mean it literally and couldn't I see the mud hole. Well, yeah but you said... So, then he used the tractor to push me out with explicit instructions on going to the third bale from the end before returning to the road.

Oh the woes of communication. The differences between men and women in conversation and moisture. Oh yeah, then he cussed my dog for being in the way on the feed pickup. :)


  1. Cussed your dog! Uh oh, sounds like divorce time! ;-)

  2. It gets easier and after 30+ years you know the signs and don't have to wonder. We have a complete set of hand signals that I doubt anyone but us can understand. He quite cussin' my dog ages ago.....had to save his breath somehow;)

  3. He cusses poor Merle all the time. I think it is more a stress reliever and to get my goat than anything.

    Linda, I gave him some hand signals he could understand. :)